This website is dedicated to the game Earthcore Shattered Elements, a game I play for a long time. 
At the beginning and for about two years, I wrote a synthesis of what happened, all the week, on the forum of the game. But it finished to be crowded by spammers so Tequila, the editor of the game, stopped it.

But I wanted to go on, here on this website. 

I hope you will like it.

One of my only two wins versus - Shadow -
One of my only two wins versus - Shadow -
To me, each battle has it own history. Victory or defeat, most of the time, the difference is close. At the beginning, when I faced a master, my motivation was very big. So I wanted to know who I faced and used to save the datas of the game. 

The awesome victories are not a tribute to myself because for a long time, I didn't think I was able to defeat a master or to be a master. And I finished to become one of them but was still thinking I wasn't at my true position.

Facing a master is always a rough battle and I am still happy to win. When I take a look at this awesome victories, I can say I did even for a lot of players I had more defeats than victories. Also, it reminds me some good players who left the game. 

My friends miss me.

I created a webmail for the game. If you want to write me, you can :
If this is something interesting, perhaps it will be publish on this website.
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